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Bluetooth Measuring Device For Harvesting

Pentin Paja Oy company from Finland introduced a new model of Bluetooth measuring device at Elmiawood 2017. Naarva Bluetooth length measuring was released in 2015. Now the Bluetooth device has optional diameter measuring. Pentin Paja […]

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The Basics of Embankment Construction

View the complete article here. The information in this article focuses on the proper inspection of embankment construction, with the goal of ensuring a solid, good, lasting embankment. Not only will the embankment withstand the […]

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Earthmoving & Excavation

Construction Requirements for Excavation

Before the excavation begins, a few general preparation tasks need to be addressed to ensure the quality and performance of the project. These preparation tips should be used before all grading, excavation, or embankment work […]

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Critical Properties of Concrete: Part II

In this section, we are going to discuss the details of preventable early-age cracks. Understanding the timing, cause, and effects of these factors can help with identifying the problems and adjusting mixture and placement techniques […]

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Critical Properties of Concrete: Part I

View the complete article here. Understanding the critical properties of concrete ensures success in the mixing, transportation, placement, finishing, and maintenance of high-quality pavement. Requirements can change depending on the anticipated use of the pavement […]

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Concrete Transformation: From Plastic to Solid

Several compounds are needed to create concrete: aggregates, cementitious materials, water, and chemical admixtures. Alone, each of these ingredients isn’t sufficient to form a hardened slab. But, the solid concrete is created when everything is […]