ABI Attachments Releases a Serious Ground Prep Tool for the Mini Skid-Steer

embankment fabric

​”For years, ​ABI Attachments​ has been inventing better ways to get outdoor work done. Now, with the meteoric rise of the mini skid-steer and mini track loader, ABI has launched a new mini ground preparation attachment that is simple to operate, highly effective, and inexpensive to maintain. Now contractors and rental outlets are empowered to extend the capability of the mini track loader far beyond material handling and into profit-generating ground preparation work.”

The ​Mini SR​ is a landscape and grading rake built to create de-compacted, seed-and-sod-ready finish in places only a mini compact track loader can go. The Mini SR’s simple I-beam welded design, patented leveling blade (M3 model), and tough cast scarifiers provide the operator with a simple user experience and the power to finish the job.

“With average lot sizes getting smaller with tighter areas, contractors were telling us they needed a tool that could loosen, level, and finish as well as our ​SR3​ and ​TR3​ but made for smaller machines,” says ​Nate Smith​, Director of Product Development and Engineering at ABI Attachments. “The Mini SR efficiently produces perfectly prepared seed beds while staying maneuverable at under 5′ wide.”

Big muscle on small jobs:

  • Cast scarifiers and hardened finish rakes are long-wearing and easy to replace.
  • 54” rake width allows access to areas tractors can’t reach.
  • Multi-function design allows the user to backfill, contour, grad, grub, de-compact, and finish.
  • Scarifiers can de-compact up to 5” allowing for healthy root growth.
  • Small contour design provides optimal visibility and control right up to fragil edges.
  • Compatible designs for both universal and Bobcat connection plate.

For more information about the Mini SR, contact 877-788-7253 and ask to speak with a factory rep.