John Deere Introduces the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan

John Deere Introduces the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan

To better support customers through improved aftermarket and support capabilities, John Deere announces its service program for construction equipment, John Deere Protect™ Service Plan (“John Deere Protect”). With John Deere Protect, required maintenance is performed at every 500-hour interval by an experienced dealer service technician. As a result, customers can decrease their risk and long-term ownership costs, positively impacting their bottom lines.

“Our customers are balancing numerous things every day, from managing operators to looking ahead at projections to ensure the long-term success of their business. Through the John Deere Protect program, we’re enabling customers to shift the worry of scheduled maintenance to trusted and experienced dealer technicians,” said Mark Wagner, Manager, Service Business, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division. “The John Deere Protect program adds a layer of certainty and predictability with machine costs and downtime, giving owners the room to focus on other aspects of their business.”

First introduced on select models of John Deere Ag equipment, John Deere is extending the program to the construction equipment lineup. With John Deere Protect, machine owners can see a lower cost of machine ownership and operation over the equipment life cycle.

“A main benefit of the program is that the task of maintaining machines is put into the hands of our dealers. As a result, our customers are more confident because they know their equipment is being watched by an expert. When combined with the power of JDLink™ telematics, the dealer can monitor machine status and proactively communicate with customers to schedule services, reducing missed service intervals and lowering unexpected downtime,” said Wagner.

The John Deere Protect program will be available for select John Deere construction equipment at participating dealers in the United States and Canada starting in May 2021. To learn more about John Deere Protect as well as the full line of John Deere construction equipment products and solutions, visit