How MB Crusher’s Units Help Construction Sites to Finish the Job And Reach the Deadline


Imagine a construction site inside a large urban center or a heavily populated metropolitan area. Now picture how you’d organize that job, especially when there are restrictions imposed on the location such as: limited to when you can run your equipment, logistic difficulties due to traffic restrictions, and containing noise and dust emissions.

Let’s not forget one of the more current problems: the problems with finding raw materials and obtaining them in a timely manner. In short, finishing the job by the deadline becomes difficult. And the problem, if it’s not well-managed, has a strong impact on the construction site and can cause delays that penalizes the company. 

You never have enough time! 

But now, let’s stop creating fictional scenarios and see what happened on three different construction sites in urban centers that had similar problems. Three different construction sites, on three different continents, with three different solutions. 

Construction Site #1: How to Speed Up the Entire Process

In Epinay sur Seine, France, in a demolition site in the middle of houses and busy streets. It’s impossible to block or slow traffic for long periods of time in order to have your trucks come and go from the job site. But, you need material to use as foundation and fill, and you need it right away. In reality, there’s plenty of inert material: from demolishing part of a building, they obtained reinforced concrete, bricks, and plaster. By crushing them with a BF80.3 crusher bucket installed on a Yanmar SV100 excavator, the materials were immediately ready to reuse on site.

Construction Site #2: How to Avoid Waiting for Trucks And Creating Traffic 

We travel to China, in the Jiangsu province, on a particular construction site, located above a subway station. Therefore, creating traffic or having too many trucks entering and leaving the construction site would have created an inconvenience and lengthened delivery times. They needed to quickly recover suitable material to fill the new structures. Like the previous story, they also installed a BF80.3 crusher bucket on their excavator, this time on a Sany 215 and crushed the rubble: no more needing to wait for materials and no need to have trucks entering and leaving the construction site, all of which benefits the flow of traffic. 

Construction Site #3: How to Have Materials Immediately Ready for Use

In upstate New York, a house collapsed due to heavy snowfall. The house’s roof could not withstand the weight of the snow and when it collapsed, it destroyed the entire porch. What was left needed to be dismantled and then they had to rebuild the house. With a John Deere 180G and an MB-G1200 grapple, the company in charge of the job sorted the lumber and stacked it in one truck while creating a separate pile for all of the concrete. Then, they used an MB-S14 screening bucket to screen the rock and soil in order to have material ready to use to construct the new foundation. 

All of the materials remained within the construction site.