Choosing the Right Snowplow

A Guide from Falcon Equipment

Every snow season Falcon Equipment get similar questions from customers about selecting the right plow for their job or truck. There is a lot to consider when picking a plow. Everything from, do you want a straight blade or v blade, stainless steel or polyethylene, and do you need other custom options such as extendable blades.

Below outlining what some key factors to consider are:

What’s the largest plow my truck can handle?

The size of plow that can be mounted on your truck is going to be based on a few key factors including the truck year, model, cab/bed size, engine, GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and front/rear axle weight ratings. With all that information we can select the proper plow for your truck.

Why can’t I put a bigger plow on my vehicle?

In most cases a diesel engine has been selected and the end user has not added the “plow prep” to their purchase, ensuring the front end is a higher rating; this can be achieved by installing stiffening springs, stronger leaf springs or air ride systems.

How long does installation take?

At Falcon Equipment you can expect around 10-12 hours of shop time. This amount of time helps ensure a proper install is done and we’ve had time to properly setup and test the equipment prior to release.

What does ballast mean?

Ballast, in the sense of plowing, means placing weight in the rear of the vehicle to help stabilize the load all the way around the vehicle.

Can I use my truck mount on any truck?

Unfortunately, no, the truck mounts are specific to vehicles, they do range in certain year spreads but from one manufacturer to another; they will differ.

Our top selling plows for pickup trucks:

These are some of our top selling – again everyone requires something different, so it is best to consult with one of our specialists when selecting the right plow.


This V plow is popular for trucks such as the Ford F-250, the Chevy Silverado 2500 or the RAM 2500. It features a trip edge, 304 stainless steel, a moldboard thickness of 12 Ga and a blade width of 114”.


This straight blade plow has a low maintenance blade with the corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard it never needs paint and the robust frame spreads impact across the blade to reduce wear on the vital components.


This is the perfect straight blade plow for smaller pick up trucks. It features full trip, and a sliding pin connection so the plow contours the ground for a clean, efficient scrape.

After you’ve chosen a plow, you’ll want to think about what (if any) accessories you’ll require. Depending on the job you may want to opt for a salt spreader, overhead light bars, rear flood lights, or bed-mounted ballast options.

The size of a plow depends on truck specifications, including year, model, cab/bed size, engine, GVWR, and axle weight ratings; adding a larger plow may require plow prep, including upgrades to the front end for stability.

Can a truck mount from one vehicle be used on any other truck, and what makes truck mounts specific to certain vehicles?

No, truck mounts are specific to vehicles and differ between manufacturers; while some may fit certain year ranges, they are not universally interchangeable.