Concrete Mixing and Pouring Methods

One building material is so prevalent we rarely even think about it. Concrete – strong, stable, dependable. Recently, America got a grim reminder of the importance of concrete – when the Champlain Towers South condo […]

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Shotcrete Equipment – Wet or Dry?

by Mike Newcomb – REED Concrete Pumps & Shotcrete Equipment Shotcrete – sprayed concrete – has become a common practice for both new construction and repair and renovation. Concrete can be sprayed by one of […]

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Concrete Manufacturing Safety

Introduction  Revenue per employee in the concrete manufacturing industry has increased in the last five years. But, concrete manufacturing poses many risks for the 250,000 employees in this industry. Cement dust alone can cause eye, […]

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Concrete vs. Shotcrete vs. Gunite

View the complete article here. For those embarking on a construction project involving the use of concrete, there may be some question about the best method of application.  There are three primary methods that can […]

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Development of Concrete Mixtures

View complete article here. The concrete mixture is critical for most concrete properties and these details need to be considered in the mix design. During this planning stage, various factors need to be evaluated: workability, […]

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Critical Properties of Concrete: Part II

In this section, we are going to discuss the details of preventable early-age cracks. Understanding the timing, cause, and effects of these factors can help with identifying the problems and adjusting mixture and placement techniques […]

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Critical Properties of Concrete: Part I

View the complete article here. Understanding the critical properties of concrete ensures success in the mixing, transportation, placement, finishing, and maintenance of high-quality pavement. Requirements can change depending on the anticipated use of the pavement […]