Trucks & Hauling

Different Types of Hauling Equipment

View the complete article here. A big part of construction is hauling things around like rock, dirt, material, and equipment. Sometimes it’s just moving stuff around the job site. Other times it’s transporting giant equipment […]

Trucks & Hauling

INTERVIEW: DeBerardinis Heavy Haul

E&C’s interview with DeBerardinis Heavy Haul International, the premier heavy equipment transport company. E&C: How did DeBerardinis Heavy Haul get started? DHH: Well, we started out with one truck and a lowboy trailer. Unfortunately, we […]

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Trucks & Hauling

Maximizing Articulated Dump Trucks

View complete article here. Articulated dump trucks are some of the largest and most durable vehicles available for construction. They are designed to withstand heavy usage and extreme conditions making them perfect for rugged jobs. […]