AUSA Launches AUSAnow, Its Connected Fleet Manager

AUSA launches AUSAnow
  • The new software allows dealers, rental companies and end customers to have full control over their AUSA vehicles.
  • The real-time information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed with any computer or mobile phone.

AUSA has completed the global launch of its AUSAnow fleet manager, an online fleet control solution. With this new digital service, AUSA is offering all of its customers a product to improve their efficiency and profitability by using their mobile phones or computers.

AUSAnow is the latest product to be launched by the manufacturer of compact all-terrain industrial vehicles, underlining AUSA’s commitment to implement technology in its products. The new software allows real-time information to be sent about maintenance requirements, technical and performance issues and any unexpected movement of machines. All with the aim of ensuring that the AUSA vehicle’s owner or end customer is able to get the most out of it and reduce downtime by being able to anticipate any requirements.

Full control of the machines, wherever you are

The information is stored in the cloud, so AUSAnow can be accessed with any computer or mobile telephone, putting all of the data at your fingertips at all times.

Obtaining information and decision-making

This new system will allow any user to view and create their own personalised charts, to obtain in-depth information about the operation of their machines and make decisions that are based on detailed information.

AUSAnow as a security tool

AUSAnow is also designed for the security of AUSA machines. The tool allows you to create a geofence and establish a schedule and security perimeter. If the machine goes outside the boundaries, the user will be informed immediately so that they can deal with it.