AUSA Launches Five New Products Globally at its Product Presentation

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  • AUSA presented a 6-ton reversible dumper, a 3-ton dumper, its new range of all-terrain forklifts and two new telescopic handlers.
  • All of these new products are now available on the market.

AUSA has introduced the world to its five new machines, completing the manufacturer’s extensive catalogue of compact all-terrain vehicles. The presentation, which was made in an innovative digital format, was used to publicly launch all of the vehicles that were expected to be on show at the various international trade fairs that were cancelled due to the global pandemic.

You can watch the video of the product presentation here.

DR601AHG. The New Reversible Dumper

The DR601AHG reversible dumper has a 6,000 kg payload and comfortable hydrostatic transmission. Thanks to the innovative reversible design, the seat can rotate 180 degrees and all components are instantly adjusted to suit the driver’s new position: steering wheel, joystick, pedals, safety cameras, etc. The driver can also comfortably and safely get on and off both sides of the dumper, so speed and flexibility are significantly increased.

In terms of technology, various systems have been included to make it a more efficient dumper: it has the ECO Mode function, where the engine speed is automatically controlled to ensure lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It is fitted with the Hill Holder system, a start-assist and safety system that engages the dumper’s brake when you take your foot off the accelerator at zero speed. This significantly increases safety, especially when operating on slopes.

It can also be equipped with Smart Stop: a plug-in system that automatically shuts down the engine when it is not in use and the optimal time and safety requirements are met.

The new DR601AHG dumper is equipped with a powerful 55.4 kW Deutz engine that complies with the strict Stage V emissions standards and it has an engine torque of 340@1500.

D300AHG. An Experienced New Dumper

An articulated dumper with a 3-tonne payload, a side-tipping skip and hydrostatic transmission. One of the main strengths of this model is that its design is based on the 4.5-tonne dumper. The same chassis, hydrostatic transmission and engine cooling. All installed on a dumper with a lower payload to achieve outstanding reliability and durability.

It is equipped with a small but agile 18.5 kW four-cylinder Kubota engine that complies with the Stage V standards and has an engine torque of 92.6@1700.

The skip’s shape ensures maximum frontal visibility and it can optionally be fitted with our Full Visibility System, consisting of cameras and proximity sensors.

All of these features make it the most efficient and safest 3-tonne dumper available on the market.

New All-Terrain Forklift Range

After launching the C251H and C351H all-terrain forklifts, with 2,500 kg and 3,500 kg payloads respectively, AUSA is continuing to update all of its models with the C501H, the unit with the highest payload (5,000 kg). As with the other models in the range, the C501H was given a completely technology-based design.

With an aggressive and technologically advanced design, the new forklifts feature a digital screen on the dashboard, just like a top-of-the-line car, providing the driver with all of the machine’s information; they can interact with the different screens via the same joystick that moves the mast. Thanks to its advanced software, it features a self-diagnosis system and is able to incorporate telematic systems.

Efficiency is also one of its main strengths. Thanks to the ECO Mode system and Smart Stop, it can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In terms of safety, the operator’s visibility has increased by 30% and the Hill Holder system has been incorporated, which engages the brake automatically so the machine can stop easily on any slope.

New Telescopic Handlers

One of the other highlights of the event was the presentation of the new T204H and T235H telescopic handlers. Although they still have the same name as their previous models, they have been redesigned to offer a better user experience.

The T204H has a 2,000 kg payload and a maximum lift of 4.2 metres. In turn, the T235H can carry up to 2,300 kg and has a maximum lift of 5 metres. Both models have the same platform and features. These include the Kubota engine with 32.5 kW of power.

From the interior digital display, the operator will be able to control any part of the dumper and interact with and access the diagnostics menu and all maintenance parameters easily, quickly and efficiently.

It is a highly versatile machine that can easily adapt to any terrain thanks to its 4x4x4 drive and the three steering modes: front-wheel, all-wheel and crab mode. A perfect combination that makes machine movements and approaches easier, especially on terrains with little room for maneuver. With its hydraulic functions and quick connect couplings for accessories and implements, you will be able to increase its possibilities and applications exponentially.

Thanks to the exceptionally designed cab that gives the operator a spacious and functional cab. The design of the cab and the placement of the boom give the operator a 360° view, making the work environment safe for all involved.