D1000AP Articulated Dumpers


static crane

With a 10-ton (22,000 lbs) payload, it is AUSA’s articulated dumper with the highest payload, equipped with a front-tip skip.

Designed to cover major construction projects, its powerful engine, torque converter transmission and 4×4 drivetrain make it the best articulated dumper to transport large amounts of lose aggregate in adverse ground conditions. It is the perfect dumper for major construction work on buildings and roads and in the mining industry.

With the PLUS finish, you can maximize the performance of the machine, including:

  • Negative brake: automatically engages the brake when you take your foot off the accelerator at speeds close to zero. Imagine how easy it will be to maneuver on any slope.
  • Limited-slip differential on both axles: limits the possibility of one wheel rotating freely relative to the other, resulting in all-terrain traction that is second to none.
  • Additional hydraulic pump to increase the steering wheel’s sensitivity and ensure more precise steering.

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