Introducing the EZG HPMC-220 Hog Pump® Mixer Combo Unit: Revolutionizing Refractory Mixing and Pumping

EZG’s Hog Pump® Mixer Combo demonstration unit

Malta, OH – EZG Manufacturing proudly announces the release of the HPMC-220 Hog Pump® Mixer Combo Unit, a cutting-edge solution engineered to set new standards in refractory mixing and pumping applications. This robust, high-torque pan mixer combined with a high-pressure piston pump is designed to meet the demanding needs of industries requiring dense refractory shotcrete and pumping cast applications.

Key Benefits and Features: The HPMC-220 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing a seamless user experience and unmatched performance. Among its notable features are:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily controlled from the platform or via a corded pendant, the HPMC-220 ensures simplicity and convenience.
  • Innovative Control Logic: The fully independent hydraulic circuitry enables smooth s-tube transitions without the need for an accumulator, enhancing reliability and efficiency.
  • Variable Speed and Reversibility: Both the pan mixer and remix hopper boast variable speed capabilities and reversible functions, catering to diverse job requirements.
  • High Output and Capacity: With a 4,000-pound capacity mixer and remix hopper, the HPMC-220 is ideal for large-scale projects demanding 30+ tons per hour output, making it perfect for long-distance pumping and shooting applications.
HPMC-220 Hog Pump® Mixer Combo

Designed for Versatility and Reliability: Developed in response to customer requests and industry collaboration, the HPMC-220 addresses the need for a reliable refractory mixer/pump unit. It excels in various applications, including steel mills, cement plants, glass manufacturing, power generation, and petrochemical facilities. Additionally, it is capable of pumping refractory materials vertically over 300 feet and is adept at shotcreting.

Customer-Centric Advantages: EZG Manufacturing emphasizes customer service, reliability, and overall cost of ownership as key reasons to choose the HPMC-220 over other manufacturers. Justin Wilson, Refractory/Precast Sales Engineer at EZG Manufacturing, notes, “The HPMC-220 has a simple user interface that can be easily controlled from the platform or corded pendant.” He adds, “Customer service, reliability, and overall cost of ownership are the primary reasons to choose the HPMC-220 over other manufacturers.”

HPMC-220 material shotcrete application demonstration

Reflecting on the Development Journey:
Thad Skinner, Equipment Sales Manager at EZG Manufacturing, shares insights into the product’s evolution: “Over the years, our existing customers, with their experience of reliability using the Refractory Mud Hog, have been asking EZG to make a mixer/pump combination. There has also been a few manufacturers of the refractory mixer/pump that have removed this particular product from their offerings as well. It was kind of a natural evolution from bringing a pump to the masonry/concrete industry back in 2017, then adding the HP-38 rotor stator pump in 2022.”

Technical Specifications:

  • Pump: 4.5″ x 30″ material tube
  • Piston Face Pressure: 2,200 psi (152 bar)
  • Output: 0-18 yard/hr
  • Discharge: 4″
  • Variable Speed Pan Mixer: 0-39 RPM / 8 paddle 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Variable Speed Remix Hopper: 0-25 RPM / 8 paddle 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Engine: JD 250HP T4F
  • Fuel Cell: 100 gal.
  • Water Tank: 45 gal.
  • Weight: 21,000 lb.

Future Enhancements: EZG Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Potential future enhancements include on-demand tuning, hybrid hydraulic hoses, quick disconnect fittings, and a swinging heat exchanger for easier access to the engine.For more information about the HPMC-220 Hog Pump Mixer Combo Unit and how it can benefit your operations, please visit our website at or contact our sales team at 1-800-417-9272.