Hilltip Introduces Drop Spreader for Compact Tractors and Loaders

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Hilltip now offers a winter maintenance drop spreader for compact tractors and loaders. Available in 8- to 18-cubic-foot capacities, the new IceStriker™ DSB has a self-loading design and can be mounted on the front or back of vehicles. It is capable of spreading salt, sand and fine gravel, making it ideal for use on a variety of applications, including parking lots, courtyards, walkways and pedestrian paths.

The IceStriker DSB comes standard with hydraulic motors and conventional controls. 12-volt electric drives are optional. Customers can also upgrade to StrikeSmart™ controls, using either a hard-wired CAN bus controller or Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone controls. These automatic controllers feature Hilltip’s unique HTrack™tracking software, which is the industry’s only two-way GPRS communication system that allows unprecedented functionality.

With the HTrack system users can create geofenced work sites, set customized application rates, monitor drivers and document all activities remotely using a computer, smartphone or tablet. The unique technology offers unmatched benefits for both managers and drivers in the winter maintenance business.

When entering a jobsite, the StrikeSmart controller recognizes the site from the GPS antennae and will default to customized application rates for the site. The spreader will then automatically adjust material feed rates according to travel speed, while the operator focuses on driving. Operators can also monitor and manually adjust spreader settings on the user-friendly controllers.

The IceStriker DSB comes standard with a top screen to prevent rocks and large material chunks from entering the hopper. Options include an LED rear light kit and various quick-hook attachments for front loader mounting.