John Deere Expands Options by Introducing New E-Drive and E-Power Machines at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

  • Helping to deliver options to customers exploring electric and hybrid-electric equipment, John Deere offers both E-Drive and E-Power solutions.
  • John Deere will showcase new E-Drive (hybrid-electric) models at CONEXPO/CON-AGG, including the 744 X-Tier wheel loader and the 850 X-Tier dozer.
  • John Deere will also highlight three E-Power (battery-electric) machines, including the 310 X-Tier backhoe, the 244 X-Tier compact wheel loader, and the 145 X-Tier excavator concept.

LAS VEGAS – Delivering purpose-built machines and technologies to customers around the globe, John Deere will showcase a variety of productivity and sustainably-focused construction solutions with alternative power options at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023. These offerings provide customers an innovative and eco-friendly take on industry-trusted equipment.

“As we continue to introduce battery-electric and electric-hybrid solutions to the market, we aren’t just designing a new way to fuel your fleet. We’re also focusing on building an electric infrastructure through innovative and forward-thinking technology,” said Ryan Campbell, president, Worldwide Construction & Forestry and Power Systems. “That means expanding our efforts to provide customers with optimal dealer support, jobsite data and charging solutions aimed to increase the electric presence in the construction space around the world.”

Providing power options that meet the diverse needs of customers, John Deere will offer E-Power machines utilizing battery solutions from Kreisel Electric. Offering a hybrid solution, E-Drive machines feature an electrified drivetrain with an engine as the primary power source. In addition, E-Drive machines enable better fuel economy, improved powertrain component life, and stronger pushing power on the job than traditional models.

The John Deere electrification/hybrid journey began in 2013 with the introduction of the 644K Hybrid wheel loader, which has since evolved into today’s 644 X-Tier. The 644 X-Tier is notable for its robust performance with its combined E-Drive and Power Shift™ transmission system. In addition, the 944 X-Tier wheel loader is newly rebranded from the 944K Hybrid to align with the John Deere performance tiering strategy. With over 3 million collective customer hours since entering the market, John Deere E-Drive machines are built on customer experience and field proven electric technology. Other new E-Drive machines on display at the show are the 850 X-Tier dozer, which has been recently upgraded from the 850L model, provides customers with multiple operating models to tailor performance and fuel consumption to their specific jobsite needs. The less complex drivetrain powers each track with an electric motor to maintain the maneuverability and control of a traditional hydrostatic John Deere dozer. Lastly, the 744 X-Tier E-Drive wheel loader, featuring an electric variable transmission, provides improved performance with increased fuel efficiency.

In 2021, John Deere tested and showcased the 310 X-Tier E-Power electric backhoe. E-Power technology provides lower daily operating costs, lower jobsite noise, and zero tailpipe emissions. In 2023, the 310 X-Tier E-Power backhoe model will enter the next phase of development and will continue to improve as a result of customer feedback. The 145 X-Tier E-Power excavator concept, previously showcased at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show will also be on display. Making its debut at CONEXPO/CON-AGG, the battery electric 244 X-Tier compact wheel loader is an ideal solution for customers looking to reap the benefits of an E-Power machine in a variety of material handling applications.

John Deere is also developing electrification infrastructure solutions to address the energy replenishment challenges faced by battery electric vehicles in off-road production environments. A John Deere electrification ecosystem will offer a wide array of solutions to address needs for charging, data and connectivity, machine support, and financial services. The charging ecosystem will include a range of solutions for overnight and fast charging. All John Deere machines and charging stations will use common automotive-style charging connections, helping to simplify the re-charge process for electric equipment. In addition, John Deere is developing new features, such as an Operations Center specific to battery-electric equipment to help customers monitor usage remotely and manage work while charging their equipment with confidence and ease.

“As a leader in the construction industry, John Deere is committed to helping decrease contributions to climate change and is uniquely positioned to deliver both economic and sustainable value to its customers through advanced technology and solutions,” said Campbell. “By 2026, John Deere aims to offer its customers a variety of electric construction equipment solutions, including 20+ electric and hybrid- models, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry, starting with the nine electric or hybrid electric John Deere and Wirtgen Group machines on display at this year’s CONEXPO/CON-AGG.”

For those attending CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023, new machine and technologies by John Deere and Wirtgen will be on display in the outdoor booth in the Silver Lot (S5020), as well as in the technology-focused space in the inside West Hall (W40844). For those not attending this year’s show, more information can be found at