John Deere Unveils G-tier Compact Wheel Loader Models

  • John Deere announces three new Compact Wheel Loader models as an expansion to its performance tiering strategy. The G-tier Compact Wheel Loaders offer customers simplified and rugged solutions on the job.
  • The brand-new 184 G-tier is the most economical model in the line-up, making Compact Wheel Loaders more accessible to those looking to expand their fleets or for first time John Deere customers.
  • The 304 G-tier offers an increased machine size of 8’8” tall and 6’5” wide, and an increased travel speed of 18.6 MPH (30 km/h).*
  • The 184, 204, and 304 G-tier models will soon be available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.

MOLINE, Ill. — John Deere is building upon its line-up of compact equipment by expanding its performance tiering strategy with three new models of Compact Wheel Loaders. The new G-tier models, including the new 184 G-tier, and the 204 G-tier and 304 G-tier machines, were designed to include proven capabilities and are ideal for customers in need of a dependable machine to complete everyday tasks. The G-tier Compact Wheel Loader models are also practically equipped, providing proven capabilities with the reliability and ruggedness customers expect from John Deere machines.

“As we learned from launching our performance tiering strategy on our utility loader line-up last year, customer’s needs are unique and they require personalized solutions to meet their diverse set of tasks,” said Luke Gribble, Solutions Marketing Manager, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division. “That’s why we chose to expand our performance tiering strategy with the introduction of the G-tier Compact Wheel Loader models. These machines are not only rugged, but they boast simple and intuitive machine controls that are a great fit for operators of all experience levels, while also offering options that promote operator comfort and productivity.”

The 184, 204, and 304 G-tier Compact Wheel Loaders provide solutions for customers in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, snow removal, site development, and rental without sacrificing the world-class John Deere quality. The G-tier models offer optimal performance with lower maintenance costs. With convenience and productivity top of mind, these easy-to-operate models come standard with limited slip differential, which automatically engages if one wheel loses traction, providing enhanced safety for the operator and the machine. The optional ride-control reduces spillage from the bucket when traveling over rough terrain, reducing job site clean-up, and improving ride quality for the operator, and can also be set to engage and disengage at certain speeds.

Featured on all G-tier models, the forward-thinking cab design is offered in both a canopy or enclosed cab configuration, giving operators flexibility when working in a variety of different geographies. Built with operator visibility in mind, the redesigned enclosed cab features a frameless, fully glass door, floor-to-ceiling front windshield, and remounted machine display, providing a clear line of sight to machine surroundings. The right-side full glass window also swings out 180 degrees to further enhance overall visibility for the operator. Additional features include an adjustable steering column, slip-resistant steps, and an optional LED lighting package. The spacious cab includes amenities such as improved air conditioning systems and ergonomic low-effort controls* to keep operators comfortable during a long shift.

All G-tier models offer enhanced serviceability features such as ground-level service and increased capacity fuel tanks to help simplify daily maintenance, keeping machines up and running on the job. This allows operators to spend more time completing the tasks at hand, rather than performing on-site repairs or maintenance. The strategically placed cooling package minimizes contamination from debris build-up, optimizing efficiency and reducing cleanout time.*

The smaller G-tier models, including the 184 G-tier and 204 G-tier, were designed to provide customers with a rugged, compact design helping the operator maneuver within the tightest areas while maintaining complete control of the machine. With a canopy height of 8” and 5’10” in width, these machines are nimble enough to fit through smaller barn door openings or other smaller areas, making them an ideal solution for job sites of all sizes. The new 0.9- cu yd (0.7 m3) bucket is optimally sized that pairs with the 184 G-tier and 204 G-tier and can be attached to either a Quik-Tatch or hook-style coupler.

The largest of the three new models, the 304 G-tier, delivers productivity enhancements while also retaining many of its previous features that result in higher productivity*, especially in applications such as site development, roadbuilding, and snow removal. In response to customer feedback, the travel speed of the 304 G-tier has increased to 18.6 MPH (30 km/h) from 12 MPH (20 km/h), seen on the 304L model. This enhancement allows the machine to accomplish tasks and move around job sites in less time.

The design of the 304 G-tier offers improved operator visibility* and overall machine stability with the increased machine size, which is now measured at 8’8” tall with cab and 6’5” wide. This Compact Wheel Loader model also comes equipped with an optional Attachment Assist Package, including Proportional Mini-Joystick 3rd Function Control with Detent, Combined Creep Control & Throttle Lock, and Integrated Electrical Attachment Controls (3- Pin).

The John Deere 184, 204, and 304 G-tier Compact Wheel Loaders are now available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about the G-tier line-up please visit John Deere.

*When compared to John Deere L Series Compact Wheel Loaders