MB Crusher & The Future of U.S. Infrastructure Construction

BF135.8 - Recycling Airport project - Granite

Kernersville, NC –In November 2021, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) was passed and allocated infrastructure funding for airports, rails, roads, bridges, and public transit throughout the United States. This allowed 99 airports to receive funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In an effort to modernize the country’s airports, the law will also provide $1 billion annually for five years for Airport Terminal Program grants, stated the FAA.

Every day, airports and freight railroads serve virtually all sectors of America’s economy. Freight railways operate on 140,000-mile network in 49 states, so if a freight rail shutdown happens, this could result in a loss of billions of dollars per day, according to the Association of American Railroads. As a result, economic transportation channels must be maintained in great working order.


To help meet this rapid construction demand, MB Crusher provides attachments for large scale projects. The MB Crusher Buckets can be installed on heavy equipment and can crush materials on-site. Which means no more material purchasing and hauling expenses. Furthermore, the crushed materials from the Crusher Bucket can be recycled and used for many purposes and applications, including asphalt production.

MB Crusher has always been involved in various global industrial projects. The MB-S18 Screening Bucket attached to a Sany SY220 excavator was used to screen material beside a railway construction site. In this project, the contractor decided the best solution for this jobsite was the MB Screening Bucket which helped them to screen a total of 30,000 cubic meters of rail bed and land.

BF135.8 – Recycling Airport project – Granite

Another railway construction project involved our BF70.2 Crusher Bucket installed on an Atlas 1604. The BF70.2 crushed old, unused sleepers, and the material was reused as a sub-base for subsequent laying of ballast. This saved the customer processing times, because the material was already on-site. In addition to saving time, the customer was also able to save money by processing and recycling all of their materials on-site. Thus, no waste was wasted.

MB Crusher attachments can adapt to any on-site construction need. Our crusher buckets and drum cutters have been used on multiple railroad and airport construction sites. The BF135.8

Crusher Bucket was used to recycle enormous amounts of debris that was hindering airport operations. Our attachments were able to save our customers time and money again. Our customer was able to reuse the crushed debris as substrate on other construction sites, without having to purchase new raw materials.


The MB-R800 Drum Cutter is the perfect application for precision cutting, as well as grinding compact materials efficiently and accurately.  The MB-R800 can be used for railway, airport, underwater work, tunnels, pipelines, and road work. In this project, the MB-R800 was used to remove the port’s barriers concrete surface to make sure the new casting adheres to the old surface. The customer was able to waterproof and strengthen the barriers stability to avoid storm surges.

MB Crusher attachments are extremely versatile on construction sites, regardless of the location’s size. Learn more about how MB Crusher attachments can be used on your next infrastructure project.