MB Crusher Units Turn Waste into Usable Things

The goal of recycling is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and to promote environmental sustainability. Waste is sorted, cleaned and processed into new products.

Step 1. Sorting

In Croatia, a rotating sorting grapple MB-G1200 is used to move and sort waste in a recycling center, because the unit can provide extreme precision. This model is part of a 9 units range. It is designed for an excavator with an operating weight between 39,680 to 66,140 pounds, so it perfectly fits the client’s Komatsu PC210.

All of the MB Crusher sorting grapples are equipped with a load-holding valve, which guarantees maximum safety on any construction site. The load-holding valve avoids accidental openings in case of sudden pressure drop of the carrier machine, as well as a silent block, which allows its use even in areas where it is necessary to keep noise under control. The perfect tools where versatility and precision are needed.

Step 2. Cleaning

In Italy, the choice for cleaning topsoil has been an MB-HDS314 padding bucket. A 0.3 in RE8 Fine Sifting Kit was installed as the soil was used to create a new sports center, permitting to reuse of the excavated soil directly at the site. This model can fit excavators from 28,660 to 44,100 pounds and be mounted on a Caterpillar 315.

There are 10 additional models of padding buckets, the range starts from 2,870 pounds machines covering up to 99,210 pounds. All of the models have interchangeable shafts that can be replaced in a few minutes, along with a shaft holder that allows you to easily insert and align the rotors.

Step 3. Processing

In Brazil, operational costs are reduced by crushing reinforced concrete pillars with a BF90.3 crusher bucket. Once crushed, it will be possible to reuse the aggregates, as the jaw crusher provides regular output and separates the iron. The unit weighs 7,716 pounds and can be mounted on excavators from 46,300 to 70,550 pounds, the client just used his Caterpillar 320 to get the job done quickly and smoothly.


Recycling can be easily done with any excavator, loader or skid steer. Whatever step you are taking into recycling, there is an MB Crusher attachment that will suit your heavy equipment and will facilitate your operations! Turn your heavy equipment into a compact, mobile, easy-to-maintain recycling center.