Three Decades of Environmental Technology in the BAUER Group

Over the past 30 years, what is now the Bauer Umwelt business division of BAUER Resources GmbH has developed from a two- person operation into a leading company for environmental technology with 177 employees. This successful trajectory began by tackling a challenge in specialist foundation engineering: how to handle contaminated areas on construction sites. The idea to also provide cleaning services for the ground, soil vapor and groundwater in contaminated areas as part of specialist foundation engineering projects gave rise to an interplay between specialist foundation engineering and environmental services. The company BAUER und MOURIK Umwelttechnik GmbH und Co. KG was founded in 1990 and later renamed BAUER Umwelt GmbH. Finally, the merger with BAUER Resources GmbH took place in 2016. Today, the environmental division Bauer Umwelt, under the management of Samer Hijazi, is one of the leading remediators of contaminated sites both domestically and internationally. Its services include remediation of contaminated sites, disposal of contaminated waste from construction and industry, and purification of groundwater and site water.

One of the most successful projects in ground water treatment was the remediation of a gas works site in southern Germany. Using a biological cleaning method known as “funnel and gate technology,” the plant cleaned 90 liters of contaminated groundwater per second in a pipe system extending over several kilometers. In the area of brownfield remediation, BAUER Resources GmbH and BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH, together with a partner, are currently carrying out extensive soil remediation works at the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park in eastern Germany on behalf of LMBV. More than 286,000 t of contaminated soil will be moved and cleaned there by 2022.