Volvo Trucks to Exhibit Power and Productivity at World of Concrete

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The Volvo VHD 300 mixer, part of a fundraising campaign for breast cancer research, will be the featured attraction in the Volvo Trucks North America booth at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas February 4-7, 2020.

Volvo Trucks North America will demonstrate how the Volvo VHD series makes hard work easy at its booth (No. C6813) at the World of Concrete show February 4-7, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. An eye-catching pink Volvo VHD 300 with a mixer body and a very special purpose will be the highlight of the booth.

“We’re bringing these trucks to the World of Concrete show so people can see how we tailor the VHD for the specific needs of construction and masonry applications,” said John Felder, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. “The VHD model highlights our commitment to innovation across the whole work experience—bringing more power and versatility to the job site, but also technology to increase uptime and driver productivity.” 

Additionally, the all-pink mixer on display showcases how owner, Dan McBride of Georgetown, Texas-based Ranger Ready Mix, supports breast cancer awareness. McBride had the cab painted pink to illustrate his commitment to the Susan G. Komen foundation, a non-profit raising funds for breast cancer research. McBride has pledged a $1.00 donation for every yard of concrete the truck pours this year. He estimates the workload should total about 1,000 yards a month, which would mean a $12,000 donation to the foundation. 

“We’re honored to be part of Dan’s remarkable efforts to raise funds and awareness for this important issue that affects so many families worldwide,” Felder said. “Volvo Trucks is always aware of our role as a corporate citizen, whether that means innovating at the forefront of safety, reducing fuel usage and emissions or participating in social causes.”

The pink truck is a 2020 model-year VHD 300 6×4 configuration with a Beck Industry mixer body. Its ability to pour 1,000 yards of concrete a month is also indicative of Volvo Trucks’ commitment to building trucks that stay on the job.

To that end, the Volvo VHDs at the show are equipped with Remote Diagnostics, a service that monitors fault codes on all Volvo engines, transmissions and aftertreatments, and enables proactive diagnostics and repair planning to maximize uptime. Remote Diagnostics is a central component of Volvo Trucks Uptime Services, which also includes 24/7 support from Volvo Action Service and ASIST, Volvo Trucks’ service management platform.

The Volvo Trucks North America booth display will include a D11 engine and a crawler gear transmission, each representative of Volvo innovations in toughness and productivity. The D11 delivers remarkable power despite its light weight, due to a series of advances including wave pistons and common rail fuel injection. Crawler gears allow drivers to maintain control at speeds as low as 0.6 mph and get heavy loads moving even on challenging grades.

But both trucks in the Volvo Trucks booth will also illustrate how drivers are as important as hardware to making trucks productive. As much as it’s a workhorse, the VHD features significant evolutions in driver comfort, which helps fleets attract more drivers and retain the ones they have. Incorporating feedback from over 2,000 professional drivers, the VHD interior continues to deliver the latest in comfort and convenience and maximize driver productivity on demanding jobs.

The current driving environment features a more intuitive control cluster that places switches and gauges within the driver’s reach and quick glance. A customizable driver information display provides trip and diagnostic data, and Volvo Trucks’ proprietary smart steering wheel places controls for most functions at the driver’s fingertips. Increasingly ergonomic seating options, along with the steering wheel, relieve pressure from drivers’ backs and shoulders while they handle heavy-duty work.

Volvo Trucks North America will showcase the following models in their booth at World of Concrete:

Volvo VHD 300 6×4 with mixer body

  • Volvo D11 engine with 385 HP and 1,460 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Allison 4500 transmission
  • 22,800 lb. front axle, 46,000 lb. rear axle
  • Volvo T-Ride rear suspension

Volvo VHD 300 10×4 with steel dump body

  • Volvo D13 engine with 455 HP and 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission, 12-speed
  • 18,800 lb. front axle, 40,000 lb. rear axle
  • Disc brakes