A Successful Business With a Solid FOUNDATION

crew lifters for construction

How an MB Crusher bucket is working to create the bases of a new road in Wamboin, NSW and much more.

In 1985 a man with just one truck and a Bobcat began trading.

His field: housing. A one-stop reliable service to guide you through the entire building process from the initial designs right through to the final construction.

Time goes by and BRUCIC PTY LTD is now a much bigger family partnership. It is now a pool of professionals that can also assist with renovations and demolitions.

One of the reasons behind the success is enclosed in their business motto:

’’We are a team of house builders that you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget‘’.

These building contractors are so proud of their reputation for top quality workmanship and personal service to the client, that they take care of all the job aspect, work fast and it shows.

How do they do it?

They use the right tools for the job and waste is not a word in their dictionary.

The two concepts go hand in hand, the right tools stop you from wasting time, wasting money and in the case of an MB Crusher attachment they stop you from having waste.

The units are designed to transform waste into co-product by using the hydraulic of the digger where they are mounted on.

They own an MB Crusher bucket MB-L140 to speed up the work process and save a pile of bucks.

We had the luck to ask Darko, the company founder, a few questions and he guided us through the process of using a mobile MB Crusher, first and foremost by using it as a stationary Crusher. By feeding it with the aid of a mini excavator.

’We used the MB Crusher stationery like this as I find it quicker and more effective when crushing a large number of bricks.’’

After they knocked down a house all is left are bricks, debris and reinforced concrete. If there is space in the yard they get reduced down to size by using the crusher bucket in the traditional mobile way and it is an easy and fast process. When, unfortunately, space is tight they stockpile the debris in one of their premises and once they have rubble from 2-3 houses they use their MB-L140 as a money-saving stationary crusher.

How did they do it before the acquisition of the MB-L140?

They took all the debris to another company to be crushed, but they realised by doing so they were losing money. The expenses were too high, the transport to and from the processing plant, the steep cost of disposal and then also the cost to buy aggregates again.

So they invested in a jaw crusher bucket made by MB Crusher. The model was chosen to fit their Bobcat T650 and their 4 tonnes skid is now a mobile jaw crusher!

Darko told us that now he does no longer purchase aggregates from other companies.

He is currently building a 2km private road at cost-zero with the material he crushed himself, material that should be considered waste, but thanks to the design of the MB Crusher he is getting the high-quality product ready to be used.

He also regulates the jaw to produce the output needed for new constructions pollution control. By simply adding or removing shims the MB Crusher machine can crush down to 15mm, again creating aggregates from debris.

The choice of an MB crusher bucket was an easy one for the family business, they are reliable contractors and they use reliable and efficient tools which permit them to do the job within deadlines and within budget.