PHIL Introduces SSAB Hardox® HiAce Steels for Acidic Environments

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Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., a global leader in off-highway truck customization, introduces SSAB Hardox® HiAce steel for products operating in acidic environments. PHIL has used Hardox material exclusively in its range of custom products — including truck bodies, water tanks and trailers — since 1983. As technology has changed in SSAB’s steel-making process, PHIL employed harder versions of the Hardox material — starting with Hardox 400 and moving to Hardox 450 in 2000, standardizing on one specific grade along the way. The recently introduced HiAce material is specially formulated to provide an optimized life in high-acid environments. With strategic employment, PHIL can provide long-lasting equipment for industries such as mining, construction and other applications working with acidic materials.

“This new material is a game changer for us,” said Josh Swank, vice president of sales and marketing for PHIL. “Previously, when a client requested water tanks to haul slightly acidic water, our engineers were forced to add elements, such as sacrificial anodes, that allowed the tank to withstand the non-potable water’s chemical properties but didn’t provide the durability and longevity PHIL products are known for. With the introduction of the HiAce material, we can build water tanks and other products that will extend longevity in ways we could not achieve previously.”

Hardox HiAce drastically slows down the oxidation process, allowing the full hardness of the material to counteract wear, providing the same performance as Hardox 450 steel even with acidic materials. This allows PHIL to use a thinner plate without jeopardizing the product’s service life, providing more payload when fully loaded. Additionally, the thinner plate lowers the overall weight of the truck when traveling empty to save on fuel and reduces CO2 emissions.

PHIL will use the HiAce material in three unique areas — Water Tanks, HiVol® Refuse Bodies and Bio-Solid/Mulch HiVol® Bodies. These products haul material with a higher acidity than their traditional counterparts.

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