ALL Crane Purchases Second Liebherr 1750-9.1

Versatile unit headed south, adds depth to fleet

In 2013, the ALL Family of Companies purchased the Liebherr 1750-9.1, a blockbuster 900-ton, 9-axle, 18-wheel AT crane designed to fill the gap between Liebherr’s 600-ton and 1500-ton ATs. At the time, the crane was only the second of its kind in North America. Today, ALL is proud to announce it’s adding a second to its fleet, tabbed for service in the company’s branches across the southern states.

The new LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane, already among the highest capacity ATs available, now features load capacity tables derived from refined static calculation methods. These new load capacity tables effectively increase lifting capacity values throughout the entire operating range. ALL will upgrade the crane software on their original 1750-9.1 with the new tables to maximize the capacity for that unit as well.

It doesn’t stop there. A new luffing jib configuration using lattice sections will provide additional capacity increases for wind power applications.

The first Liebherr 1750 acquired by ALL has proved extremely popular with customers due to its winning combination of sought-after features: the unit is easy to transport, sets up quickly, can fit into tight spaces, and offers high capacity.

“Everything about the 1750 was meticulously thought out during the design phase and well-executed upon creation,” said Hutton Strader, business development specialist for ALL. “Its many flexible transportation options make it possible to reduce axle loads to suit a variety of regulations, and its fast set up can save a half-day of rental for customers.”

Strader points to the unit’s VarioBase® system as perhaps the most attractive feature of a feature-packed machine. All four outriggers can be extended to individual lengths, allowing it to be positioned closer to lifts and set up near ground obstructions other machines wouldn’t be able to overcome.

The fact that Liebherr upgraded the lifting capacity of its LTM 1750-9.1 was attractive to ALL, but the company already enjoyed very high demand for their existing 1750 at its 900-ton capacity. Said Strader, “The new LTM 1750-9.1, along with the ability to update the crane software on our existing unit, will not only make one of our most popular machines stronger, but much more available for our customers.”