AS23B Series Concrete Barrier Grabs

by Tandemloc

equipment excavating

The Tandemloc Concrete Barrier Lifting Grab is available in two sizes; one with a capacity of 8,250 LBS (4.125T) and another with a capacity of 16,500 LBS (8.25T). Each Barrier Grab is individually proof tested, made in the USA by Tandemloc and comes standard with the Tandemloc Autolatch™ mechanism for safe, touchless operation. Tandemloc Barrier Grabs are built for severe service.  Designed to BTH-1 Category B and Service Class 3 means it is made for high volume rugged use in the real world! Our Barrier Lifting Grabs are compatible with the 3 most common profiles of barriers; that includes Jersey, California, and Texas. They also lift barriers with a type F profile.

Two optional features are offered on the AS23 Series Barrier Grabs. The first option is a positioning guide that assists the optimal positioning of the lifter on the width of the barrier when making the lift. The second option is a positioning handle that are designed to help ground personnel to fine tune the barrier location when completing the lift. You can purchase one or two handles based on your preference. Replacement pads are also kept in stock. All options are field installable.

  • Two capacities available, 8,250 LBS and 16,500 LBS
  • Designed to BTH-1 Service Class 3 means its designed for severe service
  • Prior to shipment, each Barrier Grab goes through extensive operational testing plus proof testing at 125% of capacity to assure safe and trouble free use in the field
  • Our Pads have been designed and tested to combine outstanding grip beyond the standard and are long lasting.  If they should wear out, replacement Pads are in stock
  • Our paint jobs are far from the typical quick coat of paint over untreated steel. We abrasive blast and then apply a marine grade PPG two part epoxy primer topped off with PPG 2 part epoxy high gloss urethane topcoat, UV and saltwater resistant.
  • Designed manufactured and tested at our ISO 9001-2015 certified plant which is also a OSHA Sharp Award recipient for safety

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