Crusher Buckets

by MB America

best drillng technique


The range of MB bucket crushers is the most equipped. Depending on the model it can be implemented with specific accessories to improve performance and productivity: QUICK COUPLING, the IRON SEPARATOR for the separation of iron, and the DUST SUPPRESSOR, for the reduction of dust from originated by crushing.

Hydraulic Efficiency

Due to its experience, MB uses a hydraulic system AAA + type. The crusher bucket MB, in fact, is the only one to have a low hydraulic demand both in terms of the need of pressure and hydraulic flow rate. Also the plumbing series AAA + allows a substantial hydraulic cooling during the work steps, thus lengthening excavator life.


Each individual part of the bucket is designed to simplify any intervention directly on site and to minimize maintenance operations.


High productivity and quality (in terms of homogeneity) of the crushed product in all construction sites, thanks to the patent EP 1532321 owned by MB.


The extreme compactness and low center of gravity allow a better balance with the excavator reducing strain in the arm and eliminating annoying vibrations.


Designed to eliminate any friction during material loading and to resist the most difficult conditions of the work place and the abrasiveness of certain materials.


  • It crushes all types of inert waste material
  • It crushes materials directly on site
  • It reduces the use of mechanical pieces of equipment
  • It solves the problem of having to dispose of demolition materials by taking them to a dump
  • It eliminates all leasing costs
  • It cuts down on transportation and management costs
  • It is comfortable, simple to use and fast
  • Suited for small and large worksites
  • It allows materials to be recycled, resulting in significant savings

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