End Cap Product Line Expansion Announcement: AG08ALP Center Lift Pipe Sleeves

AG08ALP Center Lift Pipe Sleeves

An already successful product line, the Tandemloc End Cap Spreader Beam Assembly series is getting a new member of the family: the AG08ALP Center Lift Pipe Sleeves. The Center Lift Pipe Sleeves increase the versatility of the Build Your Own Spreader Beam product line by providing users with the option to safely add a third lifting point to their two-point spreader beam assembly. Installation is simple: slide on the corresponding sized pipe, “through-pin” the pipe and sleeve with an attached sleeve-pin and secure with cotter pin. Model sizes vary from 3” to 32” pipe sizes with a maximum capacity rating of 1,544,000 lbs (32” model)AG08ALP Center Lift Pipe Sleeves are designed, manufactured and proof tested in the USA.