MB Crusher and its Live Demo Make Their Way Back to World of Concrete

Demo returns with renewed vigor!

With ten World of Concrete appearances under our belt, MB Crusher welcomes the 11th year with more vigor and excitement, with a recharged lineup of attachments to Demo. This year’s show will be one you want to attend.

MB Crusher has always focused on the bigger picture when creating attachments for our customers. They focus on attachments that serve a purpose and create viable solutions for any circumstance, whether the job site is big or small. “We place ourselves in their customer’s shoes and create attachments that work for them.”

“For 2023, we decided to showcase our tried and true line of attachments centered around skid steers. Our skid steer style of attachments brings a simple yet ingenious approach of turning waste material back into a reusable product.”

“Our MB-L200 crusher bucket will demonstrate its inert ability to take demolition and concrete waste and crush it down into a reusable byproduct.” Taking what was once considered waste and transforming it into something usable on-site. This crusher packs quite the punch for weighing in at just over a ton.

As MB Crusher gears up to head down to Las Vegas for the next World of Concrete, anticipation and excitement grows. The 2023 demo will be one for the books.

Make sure you visit MB Crusher at Booth #O30766 in the Silver Lot!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of the specialists for the show, please call (855)622-7874 or contact MB Crusher at [email protected] or visit their website.