MB Crusher to Unveil New Innovation at CONEXPO 2023

At Conexpo 2023, alongside with the live demo, MB Crusher will unveil an innovation that has been years in the works.

MB Crusher has strived for innovation over the last two decades. Creating versatile attachments to serve the construction industry, attachments that can work with any model excavator, skid steer, or backhoe loader. In doing so, MB Crusher has created a new lane in material handling. One that helps create and recycle aggregate on-site with your own operating equipment.

Over the last 20-plus years, MB Crusher has continued its innovation-first methodology as it continues to focus on customer and segment needs.

At Conexpo 2023, MB will showcase its cumulative knowledge and put three staple attachments on display. The BF90.3 crusher bucket, the MB-S18 screening bucket and MB-G1200 sorting grapple.   These three titans will demonstrate their crushing, screening, and handling ability.

Alongside live demo, MB Crusher will unveil an innovation that has been years in the works. An innovation that is hyper-focused on what the customers have been voicing.

The unveiling will take place on March 15th at 10am at the Silver lot Booth #S5372. Make your way to the booth to be among the first to see what MB Crusher is bringing to the industry.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of the specialists for the show, please call (855)622-7874 or contact us at [email protected] or visit their website.