Waratah Forestry Equipment Debuts HTH616C Series-III

Waratah Forestry Equipment introduced a new generation of its HTH616C harvester head – the new HTH616C Series-III, which features many new service and accessibility upgrades and is highlighted by a new main control valve designed to increase performance, responsiveness, and compatibility to a greater range of carriers – including WCTL (Wheeled Cut To Length), and smaller, lower powered carriers having limited flow.

“Boosting productivity and profitability is what the HTH616C Series-III is all about,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “With a new valve, improved performance, and more uptime, contractors can have confidence in the loads delivered. The new HTH616C Series-III gives more performance from low powered carriers, and it provides a great option for those with WCTL machines who want a 600 series head.”

Improved performance

With a weight starting at 1,800 kg (3,968 lb.), the HTH616 Series-III features a new, more efficient main control valve that can be configured with various options to fit performance needs on wheeled or tracked machines alike. Motor selections can be configured to complement the new valve and improve feeding speed, with a high torque motor option available to help to increase productivity in the toughest delimbing conditions.

Operationally, the new valve provides improved responsiveness in the delimb and drive arms to enhance grabbing stems, log handling, and improve sawing performance – reducing processing times.

New cast delimb arm design improves limb shedding, and can be configured in processing or harvesting profile with a maximum delimb opening of 68.5 cm (27 in.).

The H616C Series-III has optional twin diameter sensors that provide better measuring when small end diameters are critical. Additionally, the head features more length measuring consistency, with more measuring arm travel and enhanced measuring arm responsiveness.

Increased uptime

Beyond improved productivity, the HTH616C Series-III also has a variety of features for increased uptime.

Hose routing has been optimized to the new valve improving fitting access and easier serviceability, while new optional harvesting guards for the main valve, drive arms, and saw box are available to reduce understory hosing interference.

A new and improved valve cover provides quick no-tools access with integrated handles and quick-attach pins. A larger oiler filler improves the ease of filling bar and chain oil and helps shorten daily servicing.

The Waratah HTH616C Series-III is currently available to customers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Latin America.