Where there is an MB Crusher unit, there is a way!

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Guidelines for streamlining the process and procedures for laying of new pipes for water  in a city centre where roads are only 2 meter wide.

Brodarica in Croatia is a small and peaceful holiday village by the sea, its catchword is relax. This small cosy area offers amenities where tourists and local families can have a pleasant time. All easily achieved, till recently, when the water mains change became imperative.

The quiet in this coastal village could be jeopardised by the major work that needed to be done in the city roads as the road surface needed to be removed in depth to lay the new water pipes.

To complicate the matter in this area, the villas and the private houses are separated by paths 2 meters wide, there is barely room to move. So the machines to use needed to be compact and precise.

A daunting task for the contractor, they needed to identify the way to go along the roads, dig 2.2 meters dip and lay the new water pipes without inconvenience the residents.

To do a major work in a residential area is a complex operation. Worsen, in this case, by the lack of space. Not to mention, also, the imperative need to operate in respect of the residents security.

Tapping the road surface with an hammer proved to be unfeasible due to vibrations that it caused, due to the presence of other pipes and the excessive time frame.

To save the day and overcome this challenge an MB Crusher drum cutter MB-R500 attachment was called in.  Control, low vibration and compact size are just few of the advantages this unit has.

Mounted on a  9 tons Takeuchi TB-290-2 the drum cutter managed with ease to grind through the hard limestone typical of the Dalmatian region.

So this is how it is done: a compact excavator that can move through the small pathways between houses and private gardens. The MB Crusher drum cutter MB-R500 that can grind with precision and fast the limestone, despite the presence of existing pipes.

The preparation phase for replacing the underground water mains in this town is undergoing, residents continue to live in the building during the pipeline renovation and the job is keeping the time scheduled. It is always matter of choosing the right equipment for the job, to get the job done right.

The MB Crusher cutterhead MB-R500 is the smallest of the line, it weighs only 300kg and its powerful grinder has a diameter of 500mm, plus it has several accessories that can be chosen based on the task ahead.

If working in enclosed spaces, or in busy roads then this rotary cutter can be equipped with a drum cover kit to reduce dust emission and stones jolting away. When milling is required to a specific depth then the cutting depth adjustment kit is the right accessory to use.

So it can be said that if you have a complex task ahead in an urban area, and you need to keep vibration low, but do the job quickly, then call MB Crusher, they can provide the right tool and simplify your job.