Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook Offers Versatile, Convenient Lifting for Compact Excavators

Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook Offers Versatile, Convenient Lifting for Compact Excavators

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn.Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces the Stowable Utility Hook to provide a convenient, factory designed lifting point for Yanmar compact excavators without the need to use an attachment. The new option reduces the risk of damage to the machine, buckets or other attachments resulting from attempts to lift heavy objects with a strap or chain connected to areas not intended to be lifting points.

“We know compact excavators are a multi-functional tool around the jobsite,” said Frank Gangi, Yanmar Compact Equipment North America product manager of attachments. “They are used for everything from lifting and placing materials such as concrete barriers, to unloading equipment such as portable generators. This utility hook adds ease to our customers’ work and minimizes the potential for damage to both the machine and attachment, which, at the end of the day, increases productivity and reduces machine down time.”

Ideal for lifting heavy objects, the utility hook improves equipment longevity and overall safety by providing a dedicated, engineered lifting point built into the machine linkage. This provides a stronger position from which to lift, rather than putting the strain on the end of the arm or the attachment. A strap or chain draped around an attachment or a bucket tooth, for example, can cause warping or risk of failure to the attachment or equipment since it may not be rated for such concentrated loads in that area.

Stowable Utility Hook

The Stowable Utility Hook is designed by Yanmar for Yanmar excavators, offering customers the peace of mind that comes with an OEM-supported product. The utility hook is engineered with the same reliability and performance standards customers have come to expect with Yanmar equipment.

The hook features a multi-directional design that allows it to swing in each direction, as well as 360-degree swivel movement. This provides operators optimal lifting position as well as the ability to easily position lifted objects when setting them into place. The swivel hook conveniently stows out of the way with an easy-to-operate lock pin when not in use. Maintenance on the utility hook is nearly effortless thanks to a single recessed Zerk fitting.

The hook can be retrofitted onto all Yanmar compact excavator models from the ViO25 up to the SV100. Installation can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.